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Automotive suppliers must adhere to an additional set of requirements in order to provide evidence of quality processes and procedures to manufacturers. ISO9 recognizes the special needs of the automotive industry and provides first-rate tools to meet all automotive-specific requirements. Whether it's QS 9000 or TS 16949, you'll find the tools you need to build a compliant QMS with ISO9.

QS 9000
Develop a fundamental quality system in less time, with less hassle than traditional systems with ISO9ís Web-based solution to QS 9000. We provide the tools to create a state-of-the-art system to prevent defects and reduce variation and waste in your company.

Pave your way to fast and easy QS 9000 compliance with ISO9ís templated content, including a base quality manual, set of procedures and audit items. With simplified tracking and storage of control plans, and APQP and PPAP capabilities, youíll streamline the process to compliance and open the lines of communication throughout your entire company and supply chain.

Create closed loop discussions regarding quality plan
and related documentation
Collaborate with outside parties with user level
access control
Maintain historical records of product and process

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
As a central component of QS 9000, APQP assists in the management of the product development of a new program or product. From determining your customers' needs to defining the processes to meet these needs, the ISO9 application streamlines the entire planning process from start to finish.

Create detailed quality plans for products and processes — from the first ECR to the last validation record, every record is organized under one umbrella quality plan.
Maintain accurate records of all design stages
Streamline the task of planning products and processes
Attach comments and changes to product specifications and process documentation

Create and distribute design meeting agendas and minutes — with real-time access and automated tasks, youíre assured quick and clear communication with your entire quality team.
Designate design team according to project
Create meeting agendas with automatic invitation distribution
Automatically create and distribute meeting minutes

Record inputs for five design stages in a central location
Plan and Define (market research, reliability studies)
Product Design and Development (design goals, preliminary bill of materials)
Process Design and Development (process flow chart, PFMEA)
Validation (DFMEA, Design for Manufacturability and Assembly)
Feedback Assessment and Corrective Action (production part approval, production
control plan)

Record outputs for five design states in a central location
Plan and Define (design goals, preliminary bill of materials)
Product Design and Development (process flow chart, PFMEA)
Process Design and Development (DFMEA, Design for Manufacturability and Assembly)
Validation (production part approval, production control plan)
Feedback Assessment and Corrective Action (reduced variation, customer satisfaction)

Create product specification and process documents
Ensure correct document usage with automatic versioning and archiving
Allow instant access for the entire company or select employees for review
Gain the ability to monitor process performance

Product Part Approval Process (PPAP)
As an integral requirement of QS 9000, the purpose of PPAP is to promote communication and understanding of changes made to a partís identification number, the engineering change level, the manufacturing location, subcontractors and process environment changes. ISO9 guides you through this additional requirement with fully automated tasks and real-time, universal access.

Organize suppliers by status
Approve part specifications with time/date and approver stamps
Configure customers to approve production parts and ensure document satisfaction

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