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The ISO9 consulting team provides you with the most comprehensive and efficient ongoing service to build and maintain a compliant Quality Management System (QMS).

From the moment you decide to work with ISO9, you are assigned a dedicated consultant who serves as your comprehensive knowledge resource on our application and ISO 9000. Your consultant becomes your primary resource, who will work closely with you to provide your company a customized project plan. Acting as the project lead, your consultant will work with you to define your time line for completion, assign action items and verify that all actions are completed.

The entire project begins with a kick-off meeting. You, your team and your ISO9 consultant will meet by telephone to define the scope and goals of your project. After the initial teleconference, you and your consultant will meet weekly – or as often as necessary – to ensure that you get the assistance and guidance you require.

As your knowledge resource, your consultant can assist you with everything from opinions on reviewing your documents, to insight and guidance on a specific procedure, to educating you on the ISO9 application and the latest updates. At ISO9, we like to consider our consultants the Indiana Jones of the ISO 9000 consulting world – your guide through the jungles of documentation, records and information that goes into creating a world-class QMS.

ISO9's Remote Consulting Services include:

Project Center Management and its contents as well as assistance in the verification and assignment process.

Document Review to ensure your company follows the requirements of the standard.

Telephonic and Email Support as deemed necessary.

Assistance With the ISO9 Application to guide you through any trouble spots.

The ISO9 consultants are available to answer any questions you may have whenever you need it, by phone or email. Our email service has proven to be very effective with our customers, providing the ability to have questions or issues addressed within an hour, and concerns or problems solved the right way the first time. After all, that’s what we do at ISO9 – we provide solutions.

To contact the ISO9 consulting team with a question or suggestion, please email or telephone us at:
e. consulting@vintara.com
p. 510.808.2589

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) may answer any additional questions you have about working with ISO9 and the solutions we offer.

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