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Organizations that implement an ISO 9000 compliant Quality Management System (QMS) usually realize important benefits, including a more organized operating environment, a greater number of customers and a higher level of satisfaction among those customers. Whether you are planning a QMS in response to direct market requirements or want to increase the productivity of your organization, you will experience the following benefits:

Process Improvements
As you implement your QMS, you have the opportunity to improve your processes. You will outline the current process, add the requirements of the standard and then optimize the process with input from the process users. After achieving certification, you will likely see continual process improvements. A recent survey of 100 registered firms reported the average improvement in operating margin at 5% of sales. These firms also reported faster turnaround times, and a reduction in scrap and overtime.

Increased Quality Awareness
During implementation, quality awareness will increase, since all staff must be trained on ISO 9000. Staff will be required to take "ownership" of processes that they are involved in developing and improving. The QMS will also have built-in systems to report on key quality indicators, which will significantly reduce the reoccurrence of problems. This helps develop a strong quality culture, where the staff recognizes problems such as systems or process issues and works on fixing them, rather than placing blame with an individual. The result is increased confidence in workmanship and a more confident staff.

Consistency in Operations
With ISO 9000 certification, your operation will run more smoothly, as the QMS promotes consistency in how work is performed and recorded. This helps new employees learn processes more quickly and reduces misunderstandings with customers. If a problem does occur, it is traced to its root cause and fixed, saving the organization from “re-correcting” it every time it happens.

Market Advantages
ISO 9000 certification is becoming a requirement to do business in many markets. A recent survey of ISO 9000 certified companies shows that 41% were asked to achieve certification by a client. Considering that it can take 18 months or longer for some organizations to achieve certification, already having a compliant QMS in place can be a distinct advantage.

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