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The Application Implementation Training for administrators is an intensive exploration into the ISO9 application. Specifically designed to give your staff extensive insight into our application in minimal time, this on-site training will put you on the fast track to a state-of-the-art management system.

Understanding the functionality of the application ensures better control of ISO9’s innovative technology. This three-day training course will provide administrators with the knowledge to effectively implement the ISO9 application into your current infrastructure — including basic configuration, generation of first draft documents, and preparation of the initial management review, training and internal audit schedule

Focus your administrators on learning the ISO9 application inside out and in minimal time, enabling them to become the key knowledge resource of your company’s Quality Management System (QMS).

Save time and resources by conducting your application training in three sessions without the need to schedule additional training over the traditional 12-week period.

Develop and Implement the initial documentation for your new QMS with the hands-on help of your ISO9 consultant.

Gain complete competence of the certification process and the ISO9 application through quality time with your ISO9 consultant, enabling you to move on with the job at hand: building a world-class QMS.

Application Implementation Package

      ISO9 Application user manual
      Training course agenda
      Classroom setting requirements
      ISO 9000 standard

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