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Root Cause
ISO9's Root Cause Analysis Training (RCAT) is your first step on the path to real, measurable continual improvement. In building an effective and efficient management system, you need to be able to not only solve problems, but also prevent them from happening. As part of the ISO9 application, RCAT gives participants the tools to identify issues and quickly implement corrective actions, root cause investigations and preventive actions before the issues/variances become major problems or result in customer complaints.

This two-day workshop is designed to work within your company's existing management system. RCAT takes a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach to promoting long-term continual improvement and superior customer satisfaction. By the end of the RCAT course, participants will have learned to:

Plan and make use of comparative analysis, cross-functional teaming and multiple disciplines to meet improvement objectives.

Do and apply critical thinking skills to create an action plan and resolve problems through consensus management.

Check and use comparative data to verify and quantify that the plan is meeting objectives.

Act and use a systematic approach to integrate the improvement into the management system and monitor the process.

RCAT Package

      RCAT booklet
      Training course agenda

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