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Whenever you are trying to reach a destination, it's always a good idea to carry a roadmap to assist you in achieving your goals. ISO9 consultants take just that approach in providing you with a Gap Analysis. You tell us where you need to go, then we assess how your system measures up to the requirements of a particular standard and build the map that shows you how to get there. With an ISO9 consultant's guidance, you'll eliminate uncertainties about the process and define the next steps in the implementation and registration process.

ISO9 has experience performing Gap Analyses of all sizes and scope. Our customers cover a wide industrial spectrum including the Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Oil Refinery and Automotive industries. From an entire company with multiple divisions and sites, to small one-site job shops — we'll customize the Gap Analysis project to suit your needs.

  Assess compliance to a particular standard
  Determine if resources are adequate to complete the implementation project
  Identify training needs
  Define how best to proceed with registration or implementation
  Assess the efficacy and completeness of records and documented procedures

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