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Most companies that are new to ISO 9000 are uncertain about the role that the registrar plays in the certification process. A careful and fine selection of a first-rate registrar can help your company into long-term business success. There are more than 80 registrars accredited in the U.S. ISO9 can help you understand what differentiates each registrar, and match registrars' strengths with the requirements most important to your company. In addition to defining your requirements, we consider such details as the registrar's charges, areas of expertise, location, name recognition, and specific additional certifications required.

As part of the service, ISO9 will help you submit requests for bids using our customized request format. This approach allows you to provide the required information only once and allows you to quickly evaluate responses. We have an excellent reputation in the registrar community and can help you keep the cost of registration as low as possible.

  Secure the registrar that matches your company's needs
  Gain understanding and confidence in the entire certification process
  Focus on your core competencies instead of researching registrars

The Process

  Define requirements
  Conduct registrar research
  Assist decision making
  Submit requests
  Negotiate with registrar
  Finalize certification arrangements
  Monitor certification process

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