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ISO9 offers Management System Cost Reduction Services focused on the design, development and successful deployment of cost-effective methods to reduce the costs of maintaining ISO certification. While few external consultants address the financial impact of certification to various ISO standards, ISO9 recognizes the need to minimize the ongoing costs and overhead associated with the process. The Management System Cost Reduction Services offer a helping hand to companies interested in optimizing their ongoing cost structure and achieving efficient operations.

Save up to 50% per year on the maintenance costs associated with certification.

Reduce the number of registrars. The selection of a single registrar is based upon several factors including cost, understanding of the industry, and support of the company's certification objectives and leadership in the change process.

Achieve maintenance cost reduction through redesigned certification scope, documentation structure and internal auditing system.

Maintain cost reductions through redesigned scope, documentation structure and internal auditing system.

Developan easy-to-manage documentation structure that identifies documentation needs, common and specific procedures and leverages procedures.

Manage the certification process effectively and efficiently by establishing a process to add and drop certifications, rationalize the number of accreditations needed and implement management reviews that analyze the performance of the certification architecture.

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