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Section 7.2.3 of the ISO 9000 Standard, “Customer communication,” requires that you develop effective methods of communicating with your customers regarding product information, inquiries, contracts, order handling or amendments, and customer feedback. Section 8.2.1, “Customer satisfaction,” requires that you monitor information relating to customer perception as to whether their requirements have been met. Your customer communication records relating to the handling of contracts and order amendments are addressed through the contract review module.

This step addresses the creation of customer and contact profile records in the ISO9 Customer Satisfaction Center. These profile records provide a useful address book of your customer base. The records you create are used to generate feedback records. These feedback records include tools for tracking the progress of a reported issue to ensure that the customer's needs are adequately addressed. If appropriate, these feedback records can be linked to CARs to drive the resolution of significant quality issues.

In addition, the Customer Satisfaction Center provides you with a means to create survey profiles tailored to collect vital information relating to the perceived quality of your products and services. You can create survey profiles that collect any kind of information that will help your company provide better services and products to your customers.

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